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Created from: Jerry Stephen's works

The Woods

by Jerry Stephen

There is a smile on my face as you walk into the woods with me. Your hand in mine, your heart hammering in your throat. Working our way into the thickest part, then suddenly finding a clear patch. I stop, and you know it's the spot where you will surrender to your fate. You smile at me nervously because you know what's going to happen - nervous not because of what will happen, but where we are. So public even though it's secluded. Anybody could walk by and "catch" us - and you know how exposed you are going to be.
And that is just where I start taking you, as I reach for you and unsnap your pants. You stand still while I unzip them, then I am pulling them down off you, your panties (( wet from anticipation )) going down with them. Obediently you step out of them, and I toss them off to the side and stand up again. I look in your eyes, and as you stare back into mine you feel my hand slipping between your legs, fingers spreading your wet lips, exposing your inner lips to the air. A shiver runs through you as my finger slips down through your wet crease, and you can't help but open your stance to give me access to what is mine to touch.
My finger enters you as you open for me, and you are lifted and pulled forward by it. Moaning, growing wetter by the minute, you move as I silently command with a single finger, straddling my finger and stepping closer. My other hand reaches up and flicks at your top.
"I want this off."
Your "Yes Master" reply comes at the same instant as your compliance - you are already removing your top as you say it. Once off, you simply stretch your hand out and drop it, then your hands return to your side and you stand there, naked. You hear the wind whistling through the trees, distant and muffled sounds of traffic, a dog barking. A shiver races through you - you are standing naked outdoors, and while you are hidden by the trees, bushes, and underbrush surrounding our little clearing, you are in a public place. A fact reinforced by the sound of a slamming car door and muffled voices, startlingly close.
"You know what you're here for, don't you, girl?" I ask quietly.
"Yes, Master, I am here to please You." you whisper.
"That's evasive, for that is your everyday purpose. What are you *here* for?" I press, gesturing around as I ask.
A small smile flashes quickly across your lips and your eyes sparkle as you purposefully drag it out. You put on your best "innocent" look and respond "I'm here to do whatever You want me to, Master."
Your teasing has gone far enough, you realize, when I reach out and grab both of your stiff nipples, and twisting them, pull you close to my burning eyes.
"Don't fuck with me, slut, or we'll see what kind of marks a whipping with one of these branches leaves. I told you what I want out here. Now for the LAST time, what are you HERE for?" For the tiniest of moments you consider seeing what kind of marks a branch would leave, but then you realize that would mean you had displeased me, and you couldn't bear to go there.
"I'm here because You desired to fuck me in the mouth, Master. If that is still Your desire, then I am here to get fucked in the mouth." My smile at your response eases your mind, you didn't go too far. I release my twisting grip on your nipples, slide my hands up to your bare shoulders, and push down on them. You drop unflinchingly to your knees and wet your lips as I open my pants right in front of your eyes. Your breathing gets heavier, and a low moan escapes from deep within you as my cock comes into view. The head is swollen, purple-red, with a drop of clear fluid already forming in the wink hole. I grasp the shaft and stroke it, the drop swells, then my other hand is on the back of your head.
I pull you forward while guiding my cock, and your mouth opens as you accept it. You taste a hint of precum, and the manly smell of "male" fills your nostrils. I release the grip on my cock and grab your head with both hands. I have a tight, controlling grip on your head as I pull you farther and farther forward. My cock is sliding in, deeper and deeper, and my grip leaves no room for refusal. Just as it reaches the back of your mouth, at the edge of your throat, I stop and pull you slowly off my thick shaft. Your eyes are closed and your lips sealed against the wet shaft, sucking as I withdraw. A small circling motion when the back edge of the glans bumps your teeth, then you are being pulled down again. My hips are going forward as well, and this time my cock enters your throat a little. You are panting now, breathing in excitement as I take you in the mouth.
My strokes become faster, each thrusting deeper down your throat. There is no doubt that you are getting fucked, you have no time to suck as my cock pistons back and forth past your lips. You can only open your mouth wide and accept it, breathing when you can. You are now only dimly aware of your surroundings, all you can think of is the cock being stuffed down your throat and the growing sensation in your own body.
Suddenly my own breathing is strained, and I shove deep into you, forcing myself in as far as it will go and keeping it there. Hard.... sharp.... short.... jabs. The pulse is familiar to you as it races past your tongue and I explode deep down your throat. Each short jab now resulting in a splash of sperm, warm and thick, directly down your throat. You feel an electric shock shoot through you and your body replies with a series of orgasms, wave after wave of pleasure. Your lips seal and suck as I finally withdraw from your throat, milking the tube along the bottom of my cock of it's remaining sperm.
My knees are shaking, wobbly as I finally release my tight grip on your head. You keep my cock in your mouth and softly slide up and down the shaft, sucking gently to clean up every last drop. You feel me petting your hair, crooning "Such a good girl. God, that felt soooo good. You're such a good girl to me."