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Created from: Jerry Stephen's works

Poker Night

by Jerry Stephen

You are standing outside my apartment door, your stomach churning from the turmoil in your mind. Do you dare knock? Should you sneak away and await my call? What if I never called? You know you messed up once already today, overslept and left me waiting for an appointment you never kept. On the phone I had been *very* angry with you, my displeasure like a blunt knife tearing through your very soul. Yet here you were outside my door, contemplating an action that might make me even angrier.
From within my apartment you can hear laughter, deep male laughter. Voices, the words muffled and lost through the door, sometimes barely audible, other times loud and boisterous. Moments of silence, then several voices all talking at once. You strain at the door, listening for my voice. Maybe, if you hear it, my tone might help you decide. You are terrified to knock. Not because of what might happen should I let you in, but of me sending you away.
You hear the front door to the building open, and turn to see a pizza delivery man letting himself in with several pizzas. Instinctively, you know he is coming to my door, and you have nowhere to hide. Then an idea forms in your mind, and you turn to the delivery man as he approaches.
"Are those for apartment B?" you ask.
"Yep," he nods and replies, "one sausage mushroom, one pepperoni."
You ask how much, opening your purse and taking out your wallet. The delivery man eyes you suspiciously as he replies, and glances at the closed door. But he names the amount and seems satisfied with the payment and generous tip you give him. He turns and walks away, glancing over his shoulder at you as you face the door and take a deep breath. You sense him stop at the front door, watching you.
You turn and face the door and take another deep breath. You are committed now, and with the butterflies fluttering away inside you, you reach up and knock on my door. The noise inside continues, and you knock again, louder. With the sudden silence inside, your heart leaps into your throat, hammering. You try to swallow, but your mouth is suddenly dry.
You sense me, on the other side of the door, looking at you through the peephole. For a moment, you panic - what if I don't open the door? What if I leave you out there? Reject you? But then you hear the door knob rattle, and the door opens. You stand in the hallway in silence, eyes downcast and unable to look at me. You hear the men inside talking in low tones, then laughter. One calls out his desire to "Let me give her the tip!" and another voice, lower, saying "Hell, I'd like to give her the whole thing!" followed by more laughter. You sense me turn around, and the laughter dies in the room, then again you feel me return my attention to you. You remain mute, and begin to tremble at my continued silence.
Then my voice - commanding, compelling.
"Eyes, girl."
Your eyes snap up and you look at me, briefly searching my face before you're captured by my gaze and unable to look away. You stand before me, trembling, heart pounding, breathing in shallow pants.
"What are you doing here, girl?" I ask, my tone quiet and calm.
The tears well up unbidden in your eyes. "I.... I honestly don't know, Master," you whisper, "I only know I can't stand the thought that I had disappointed You today."
You sink to your knees before me, and placing the pizzas to the side, continue down until your forehead is touching the ground at my feet and begin to cry softly. Neither of us hears the "What the hell?" and mumbled talk from my friends. All I can hear is your soft sobbing, and your whispered "Please, forgive me. Please, I beg You."
My heart soars with this vision of you, and I realize the depth of your despair that it brings you to this posture before others. I glance back at my friends and find them all watching in silent amazement, incredulous looks on their faces. Then I turn back and gaze down at you, sobbing at my feet.
"I was angry at you for oversleeping, Pet." At my voice, your sobbing quiets, but the tears continue to flow silently as you listen to the confirmation of my displeasure. "But I see that you realize your error, and further punishment is unnecessary. I forgive you, girl. See that it does not happen again."
At my words, you feel an overpowering rush of relief, and begin to sob again - this time with tears of joy. You kiss my feet repeatedly, whispering "Thank You, Master!" over and over.
"Kneel up, girl. Look at me." Again, the voice that compels you to obey. You straighten up on your knees and gaze up at me, sniff and wipe at your eyes and nose, trying to make yourself presentable to me. You find a small smile on my face and my gaze soft, and when I reach down and caress your cheek, you lean into my hand.
"The pizza is getting cold, Pet." My voice is controlled, quiet, calm. "It would please me for you to serve us."
"Yes, Master," you reply, instantly, "I am Yours to command, as You will."
"And if I wish you to serve us, as well?"
You catch the inflection of the word, and know immediately what I mean, but again there is no hesitation in your reply. "Yes, Master. If it pleases You for this girl to serve, she will eagerly do so."
I chuckle, knowing you used the word "eagerly" because I love the word, and the idea.
"Eagerly, is it?"
You gaze up in my eyes. "Yes Master, this girl will be eager to please You."
"Then bring the pizzas, Pet, and we shall see."
You snatch up the pizzas from the floor and rise to your feet gracefully, entering the apartment as I hold the door open. You are a little embarrassed as you feel my friends looking at you, and your eyes are focused on the pizza box in your hands. My hand is on your elbow, guiding you into my living room and over to the card table set up there. You stop when I do, and stand still, eyes cast down, as I begin to speak.
"You all know of my professed..... kink. You have heard me speak of it often, and I know you don't believe half of what I say. I would like for you all to meet my slave, the one I call Pet." For a moment you wonder what I have told them about you, and then you remember the word "serve", and realize that whatever they have heard about you will pale in comparison to what they will soon know about you.
"Pet..." You look up as I turn to you. "Say hello to my friends. From the left, Dave...."
You smile brightly as I introduce them, saying "Hello, Dave Sir." and greeting each by name as I introduce them. Dave is a younger man with dark hair and eyes, sporting a military haircut and build. Chuck is older, perhaps my age, with a slight belly and blonde hair, his eyes are already undressing you. Albert is a young, tall black man with a deep, deep voice. You shiver - he will be your first black man, but as you meet his eyes you relax, for they are kind and not threatening. Andrew is another young man, with curly red hair, and you notice he has trouble meeting your eyes. Finally, there is Steve, a young man with an honest smile and a tone of respectful interest in his voice.
With the introductions done, I send you into the kitchen to set up for the pizzas. You hustle to obey, and busy yourself setting up the paper plates I told you to use. Forks, knives, grated cheese, salt, napkins, everything out and arranged neatly. You hear a low conversation going on in the living room, and your heart starts to pound as you start to think about what is in store for you. You strain to hear what is being said, but we are speaking too low, and you can only make out a word or two. You hear me say "slave", and "slut", and the butterflies return. Then everything is set up. You fuss at your hair for a moment - take a deep breath - and walk back out to hear the end of something I am saying.
"....yes, I mean anything. Instantly." I turn to look at you. "Yes, Pet?"
"Everything is ready, Master." Your voice is trembling with emotion, nervous under the combined eyes of the roomful of men.
"Very good, Pet. And is the dessert ready, too?"
You swallow hard, looking down at the ground, and nod. "Yes, Master. The dessert is ready. You will NOT be disappointed."
"Of that, I have no doubt, Pet. I wish to view the dessert as we eat." You shiver at my words, unsure of what to do. And then there is no doubt.
"Eyes, girl." You look up, wide eyed and panting slightly. "I wish the dessert to be naked and ready. Do it."
Your hands are already unbuttoning your top as you reply. "Yes, Master." Your eyes are held by mine, and you are unable to look away, unable to hide. Your only thought is that you will not disappoint me again, you couldn't bear the thought. Your top is open, and without a pause you slip it off your shoulders and drop it to the ground. Then your hands, shaking from your nervousness, reach for the middle of your bra and without hesitation you unhook it and open. Your nipples are rock hard, straining out. You shrug out of the bra and drop it on top of your blouse. Again without pause, you reach down and unzip your pants, open the clasp, and then wiggling your hips, push them down. You bend over to slide them all the way down, but you keep your eyes focused on mine as you do. Stepping out of them, you reach for your red thong.
"Wait." You freeze. "Leave that on for now, Pet. Assume your Patience Position, girl."
"Yes, Master."
You sink gracefully to your knees as your hands lift. Arching your back slightly and thrusting out your chest, you interlock your fingers and place your hands on top of your head, then open your knees out wider. You are aware of your situation. Naked, kneeling, ready, on display with your Master and five men looking at you. You feel the wetness between your legs, the hardness in your nipples, the pounding of your heart. You want desperately to look down, to hide your eyes, but know that you are required to look at me and wait patiently for my command.
I smile and turn to my friends. "See what I mean? Instantly. Shall we have some pizza?"
A voice comes from out of your line of vision ( Chuck? ), but your eyes never leave me. "Fuck the pizza, let's have the dessert!"
"No...." you hear me reply, "first we have the pizza, then we fuck the dessert."
We all get up, and I usher them towards the kitchen, leaving you alone and kneeling in the living room. You stay as you are, unmoving, but your mind is racing at two hundred miles an hour. My words repeat in your mind. "...fuck the dessert." You remember the barn, and the way you pleased me with your mouth. Then you remember the morning, and you vow to yourself that you will not flinch, will not hesitate, will not resist. What ever is in store for you, you are willing and eager to please. You hear us talking in the kitchen, and this time you can hear us clearly. The others are questioning my sincerity, your willingness, and I am telling them that I am serious, I am making you available to them for pleasure.
"Are you listening, Pet?" I ask from the kitchen.
"Yes Master. I cannot help but hear" you reply.
"And what are you thinking? What are you here for?" I press.
"I am thinking that I am Your slut, Master. Your eager, willing sex toy. Your slave, Master, for You to use as You see fit." You wish, desperately, to touch yourself. Your body is trembling with sexual desire, but you are unwilling to move from the position I put you in.
"And my friends, Pet? Are you a slut for them, as well?" Again, I press you, and you know it is not for my benefit that I am asking, but for theirs.
"Would it please You, Master, for me to be?" you ask. You know the answer to that, too, but feel the need to let the others know that you will be, but only if I desire it.
"It would, Pet."
"Then I am a slut for whoever desires me, Master. To be passed around and used until everyone is drained." The verbal questions and answers, the spoken acknowledgment of your complete surrender to my control is getting you hot. Horny. Damn, you think, you wish we would hurry up and get to it!!
Then, as I so often do, I seem to read your mind. "You are released from Patience, slut. Masturbate."
"Oh, thank You, Master!" Needing no further urging, you unclasp your hands and reach quickly down. Your left hand stops and pulls and pinches and tweaks your aching nipple, your right goes right to your aching pussy and you violently shove your finger deep inside. You are aware of us coming back into the room, but you can't stop yourself now, let alone want to. Masturbating, body undulating and writhing, you feel the burning desire to be taken, used. Your eyes flash from crotch to crotch, noting the bulges and wanting to free them, feel them, suck them, fuck them.
Panting, sweating, moaning, whimpering - you masturbate furiously. I step up in front of you and unzip my pants. I shove my pants down and grab my cock, stroking it in front of your eyes, and grab a handful of your hair. Your mouth opens, and I have to hold your head back as you try to lick me, straining to take it in your mouth. Then with a husky "I see the slut is ready", your mouth is stuffed full of my cock and your hand is deluged by a flood of your own juices as you cum hard. Both hands on your head in a firm grip, I pull you down as my hips thrust forward, my stiff cock bumping the back of your throat. I pull back a bit, feeling you trying to go back down, then thrust forward again as I pull your head in. You feel my slick cock slip into your throat, sliding deeper and deeper, but you are ready for it, and take it easily.
A few moments later you feel my cock start to pulse, and as I pull back again you feel my hot cum splash in your mouth. Pulse after pulse, flooding your mouth with hot sperm. You suck and swallow, suck and swallow, drinking my seed and milking me for it all. I step back and you try to follow, but I stop you with my hand on your sweaty forehead. You look up and my eyes are burning hot into yours.
"On your back, slut. Lose the thong and spread wide."
You roll on your back, and reach down for your thong. My "Look at me!", and my hand still gripping your hair and keeping your head turned towards me, keeps your eyes locked into mine. As you lift your ass to free the thong, you feel hands there, grabbing it and yanking it down. You lift your legs, and as the thong slides past your ankles you feel two hands on each ankle, spreading you wide, opening your legs for whoever is down there. You realize there are several involved, but you stare into my eyes as I commanded. A finger is pushed up inside you, and you gasp and arch your back, pushing back at the finger.
Eyes wide open, staring into mine, you feel the presence of someone between your thighs. Panting faster, flushed and sweaty, you feel something at your stretched open pussy. You see me smile and hear my whispered "You're such a good girl. Fuck for me, Pet. I am soooo proud of you." And then you feel it. You stare in my eyes, lost in their deep brown gaze, and feel a cock stroking you. Fucking you. Sliding in and out, grinding, rotating, pumping. Gazing in my eyes the whole time, you smile and start to pump back, rocking your hips and lifting up to meet the strokes. I am petting your hair now, cooing and telling you what a good girl you are, and I can tell you are ready to cum.
I hear Chuck groan, and know he is going to explode, so I bend down and (lick)kiss your mouth softly, then whisper "Cum for me, slut. Show me what a good girl you are." You release with a rising, siren scream, and panting "Oh God! Oh God! Master!!" you cum, wave after wave of rippling orgasms as Chuck thrusts into you and spurts. As you come down from the incredible orgasm, you feel the cock slipping out of your pussy, and feel yourself leaking cum until another cock, hard ( and oh so big! ) and ready, slides back in and plugs up the hole. As Albert begins to pump at you, I tenderly stroke your face, then lean down and give you a soft kiss.
"Time for you to get busy" I whisper, then my hands turn your face and your mouth opens instinctively as Steve's swollen head brushes your lips. You slip into a daze, sucking and fucking, "double penetration" running through your mind.
Time starts to blur, and you exist only to be used. Your mouth sucks when a cock slips in, your legs spread when they're pulled open. You are moved and positioned, obeying without thinking to the various voices, men who's desires are yours to fulfill. You are taken to the bedroom, and stroked some more. An endless supply of cum, filling you, leaking, swallowing, splashing your breasts and face and hair. Face down on your knees, you feel your ass lubed, and then that is taken from you, too. More than once. Sucking and fucking. Sucking and fucked in the ass. Fucking and fucked in the ass. Three at once, all parts of you full of hot, stroking cock...........
You wake suddenly, curled up and held in my arms. Strong, secure, protective. You look around, and as you move, I start to pet and caress you softly.
"They're gone, Pet." I whisper.
"Are You pleased, Master?" you whisper back, too weak to speak loud.
"I am more than pleased, Pet. I love you..."
Heart soaring, safe in my arms, you drift off to sleep again.