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Ok a wee bit about myself, this site is mine and i run it and try to keep it up to date as much as i can (so don't nag if i get too far behind).
I do accept new authors so if you have work send it to the email address in the contact authors page, just make sure you put a name (dosn't have to be a real name just a nick name) a contact email address and a small sample of your work (don't send it all just 2 -3 chapters) and i will contact you if i think your work is sutible for the site.

The link below is to my fav pics that i am still collecting.

Now a bit about me, i have been writig for about 4 years now and don't just write adult fiction i have a whole selection of childrens originals that i enjoy writing very much. I created this site when a site that a used to keep my works on decided that it was no longer going to allow adult fanfiction to be published on it's site, even after a large pertition was signed they refused to back down so i thought that this would be a good time to start up my own site.
I enjoy the site and the writing and even the reading of new stories that are sent to me by egsisting authors and ones that want to be on the site.

I am always glad to awnser any questions that people have and try to awnser all emails within 2-3days (max) so if you would like to ask me any feel free.