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Created from: Mole's works

Chapter 3 the games begin

“So my slut, what do you think would be a suitable punishment for flirting with that man?”
“That Sir is for you to decide. Anything you consider worthy is what I shall receive” I said my voice not as steady as I would have liked it to be but better than it would be, soon I would think.
“Very good answer slut, you're learning” then he stroked me; I thought that I would not have a punishment now how wrong I was.
“For your punishment I think it should fit the crime as they say” he said with a chuckle “ Ok my little slut I want you to show me your little ass”
I did as I was told I bent down a little and lifted my bum in the air so that he could see it. He walked back towards me and lifted a hand I thought that I was to be slapped but instead all he did was crease my ass.
“Good kitty” he whispered in my ear “ now stand up, hold hands in the air”
While I did this he moved away from me again, he move towards a switch on the wall, I heard a notice above me but dared not look up to see what it was.
“You may look up little slut,”
I didn't know weather I wanted to look up or not part of me was dreading it and another was exhilarated by it.
“If that is your wish Sir?”
“My wish is that you look above your head” I didn't like, the way he said it his voice had a hint of victory in it but I knew what my answer had to be.
“As you wish Sir”
As I looked up I a hook connected to some kind of crane. The first thing that came to mind was oh shit, I now knew why he had the sound of victory in his voice he had won this round and planned this way to in advance, which made me wonder if the whole thing had been a set up from the beginning.
Oh well I was going to enjoy it either way.
Once again he walked away from me, when he came back he had in his hand 2 separator bars, one was long and one was shorter. I still had my arms in the air and knew that the suspender bars were going to be placed on my ankles and wrists, I was right as well.
After the bars were in place, he lifted me until I was on tiptoes then hooked the suspender bar onto the hook.
“Now my little slut are you ready for your punishment?”
“Yes Master” I replied knowing I wasn't but had no choice but to accept it now.
“Do you see the boxes over there” he said pointing to three wooden chests
“Yes Sir I do”
“Good in each one is a different punishment but also a different pleasure, you are going to pick the box you want the fore picking your punishment and pleasure, do you understand?”
“Yes Sir I understand” by this time my voice really was shaking but now not all was in fear it was in anticipation and excitement.
“In one box the punishment is a whip made of horse hair and platter its 3ft long in that same box is a 3 some with another man of my choosing. In another box the punishment is water torture I am not going to tell you all the details of this one but it will involve some very hot water and orgasm denial the pleasure in the same box will be a TENS machine (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation).
In the last box there will be the horse you will be spread across it but made to sit up right with weights on your feet to hold you in place on top of the top there will be small unpolished pebbles but in the same box there will be the cross and a glove nothing to special but will feel wonderful I promise.

So now it has come to the point of choice you must chose”
As I looked at all 3 boxes lined up all I could think was I wonder what's in which oh well no point in worrying which one I will get I can't change it so in my mind I did the dip.
“Sir I have made my decision”
“Good, which is it to be?” his voice had gone rigid as though he was as nervous as me.
“ I choose box 2”