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Created from: Mole's works

Chapter 1
I woke up with the same blinding headache I get every time it's been a bad night. Tonight had been the worst this year, one zombie that was trying its best to break from me and I got a very mad client because I had no control over it.
Thinking back that's why I am lying in a hospital bed, he had ended up hitting me over the head because I had to put the zombie back.
I was reluctant to open my eyes but a sound in the room made me want too. A slight laugh came to me and I knew whom it belonged to, that laugh was almost touchable. My eyes shot open along with my mouth "What the fuck are you doing here Jean-Claude?" That laugh, again.
"It is nice to see you too Ma Petite."
I just glared at him and made my face go blank.
" As to why I am here I was called when you had your... accident."
"Don't play with me! How long have I been out?"
"Only a few hours. Now I must get a nurse!"
With that, he left me in the room trying to remember exactly what happened. I tried to sit up and found that the world was spinning slightly faster just for me and I had to lie down again. I closed my eyes and every thing came back to a sensible speed.
A nurse in a light blue uniform came in followed by the ever-sensual Jean-Claude.
"How are you feeling Miss Blake?"
"Fine. When can I get out of here?" I said back in my 'Let me out now' voice.
At this moment Jean-Claude decided to be helpful just not to me because he took the nurse to one side and I heard him say, "She is not telling you the truth"
In anger, I shouted "Thanks Fang face you can go home now that you have ruined my weekend."
As Jean-Claude walked over to me he looked at me with his deep midnight blue eyes that seemed to be very drowning and said; "I only want you well Ma Petite. We can argue later when you are well again. Meet me at the circus when you get out I want to talk to you." With this, he laid a soft kiss on my forehead.
I wasn't sure what my response to this should be so I just nodded my head and he left me there wondering what he had in mind.
They let me out of the hospital the next day because I had become the most annoying patient in the hospital or at least my ward. It was only 4.30 and the sun was up so I went home first to change and pick up my weapons. It had been nearly seven months since I had been anywhere near the circus and I didn't think I was going to be as safe as I was once. Because upsetting the Master of the city was not considered a good thing and some new little vampire who wants to look good, might decide that killing me will make them look good.
I arrived at the circus just as the sun was setting it was a lovely red colour with a slight streak of orange and yellow in it. In that moment I wondered what it must be like to never see anything that beautiful ever again but I'm not stupid enough to ask not yet any way.
I walked into the circus and as always it seamed wrong to speak with the thick silence all around but I made my way to the door at the back and began to descend the stairs to Jean-Claude's layer. When I opened the door I got a bit of a shock because I tripped over a suitcase that was left in front of the door, I looked up from the suitcase to see if there was an owner to it in the room. I found three vampires and a werewolf looking at me.
"Going somewhere," I asked keeping my voice neutral as I could. I was disappointed that I wasn't going to get him tonight, who could blame me! He was stood in front of me wearing no shirt and the tightest leather pants I had ever seen. Showing his cross shaped scar off and in that moment, I just wanted to run my tongue along it and take him to his bed and take off the tight leather pants and just see him. Damn this is what happens when you go on a no sex diet for 7 months as soon as you see them again you want to jump all over them.
"Yes Anita we are"
This was bad he was calling me Anita.
"Okay spill Jean-Claude where are you going and why are you so serious!"
His eyes went all bright and very blue and a smile that told me he was thinking bad thoughts spread across his face.
"We are going to Santa Fe Ma Petite and you are coming too. It seems that the Master of the city wishes to speak to you."
"Oh! Who's going? You look like you have packed for an army!" He said nothing just smiled.
"Your not taking an army, are you?"
"Not an army as such but enough to show our strength and so that no harm will come to us. You may bring a couple of 'friends' if you like Ma Petite"
I didn't like the sound of this it was too nice of him I wondered just what was going around in that devious little mind of his.
"Okay but I'll need time to get my things together. When are we leaving on this 'Holiday'?"
"We leave in three hours, we will pick you up from your house! If your friends can meet us there it would be most helpful Ma Petite"
"A girl needs more than three hours to pack" Was my leaving argument as Asher led me too the door.