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Created from: Mole's works

Chapter 2

My house is in the middle of nowhere and a lot of people, coming and going was going to be noticeable but that can't be helped.
When I got in, I told Nathaniel to pack enough for a week and if we need anything else, I'd buy it out there for him. Next up was phoning Cherry always need someone along to help with the hair and I will need some female company while I'm with all these 'men'. She was coming over in an hour she said she could pack in that time next and worst was to phone Edward and find out what was going on down there.
"Hi Edward it's Anita I need you to phone me back in the next hour it's important" Why do I always get the answer machine maybe its cause he never turns on the damn cell phone.
Okay last things on my list pack and phone Bert he won't be pleased that I'm off out of town again but hell he needs his best little animator on her best form and after what happened the other night I doubted he'd argue much.
So I packed and then phoned Bert.
"Good evening Animators and co how may I help you"
It was Mary the day secretary
"Hi, Mary its Anita. Can you please put me through to Bert?"
"He's with a client at the moment. Can I take a message?"
"Tell him I'm going out of town for a couple of weeks I need a vacation and I'll call him when I get back."
"I'll tell him when he gets out Anita and have a good time."
After all, of the phone calls were done I had ten minutes until the boys picked me up. Time for coffee I think. Just as the coffee is done the doorbell rings.
"Nathaniel can you get the door?"
"Yeah. Its Cherry!"
"I'm in the kitchen. Want some coffee? I think we just have time before our lift arrives."
Just as I sat down to pour the cream and sugar into my coffee the phone rang again now wasn't I 'Miss Popular' today.
"Hi Anita it's Edward! What's up?"
So I told him that we were coming down to Santa Fe and that the Master of the city wanted to see me.
"Theirs nothing suspicious going on down here that I can tell but I'll look into it if you like. When do you arrive? Where are you staying?"
Two very good questions and I had no good answers to give.
"I don't know yet Edward I'll let you know once we arrive at the hotel."
"Okay, take care Anita."
Then he hung up. Back to the coffee, I got about a mouth full before everything went haywire. The boys arrived and Jean-Claude started telling the rest what to do with our luggage up to the point that I was left alone with him.
"What are you thinking Ma Petite?"
"Not a lot! Just going through my list of things to do. You could have given me more time you know I might have forgotten to do something."
"If I gave you more time you would have found a way out of it."
Okay he did know me that well.
"I would not! I need a vacation any way. What did you have planed by the way?"
He just smiled at me placed his arm around my waist and led me to the door just as we got there he pulled me close lent down and brushed my lips with his then he whispered
"I have a lot of things I would like to do Ma Petite but I don't think our friends would be happy if we left them waiting any longer what do you think?"
"No but they won't have to wait for us once we get there."
He laughed and my spine tingled.
"Oh! What things you think Ma Petite!"
And with that we left the house to find everyone waiting just like we had thought they would be. What a shame! I hate my life.
The cars that were waiting for us were one jeep and a truck to carry the entire luggage.
I got into the jeep with Jason, Jean-Claude, Nathaniel and Cherry what a happy bunch we are. Jason was the driver. Oh joy in the morning!
I turned around in my seat to see who was driving the truck and to my surprise I saw Stephen waving franticly to us. I turned to Jean-Claude and said, "I see you brought an extra wolf!"
"Oui Ma Petite! We needed somebody to drive the truck now fasten your seat belt we must leave or the plane will leave with out us on it and that would spoil this little.... 'Holiday'."
"Shit! You could have told me!"
And this is where I figure out why I'm sat in the middle of a vampire and a wereleapord. Did I mention I hate my life?