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Created from: Mole's works

Chapter 3

The St Louis airport was big and noisy and Jean-Claude and Damian were dragging me along. Asher was at the desk giving in our passports and getting our seats sorted out. The weres were bringing in the luggage between them.
The plane was a Bowing 747 and was light blue, our seats were in business class. The fact that nobody told me we were flying out meant that I didn't have a paperback to read to take my mind off the flight.
I was already holding on to the arms of the chair and we hadn't even boarded the plane. Something must have shown that I was very; very nervous about the flight because Jean-Claude came and sat next to me took my hand in his and whispered
"I thought nothing scared you Ma Petite!"
"Flying didn't scare me until we nearly crashed and all the flight attendants ended up splattered on the roof so don't give me a hard time okay."
As he smiled at me he said in a voice that held so much love for me, "Don't worry Ma Petite! I won't let anything harm you."
I laughed, "I don't even think you can stop a plane from crashing and killing us all do you?"
"I will try if I ever have to but for now let us board the plane and get this journey over with."
With that he pulled me up to him and moved me towards the plane.
When we board I sat down and almost instantly fell in to a deep sleep.
When I woke up I was in a very posh hotel. I started out of bed and tripped over something big and heavy it took me a while before I remembered it was Jean-Claude's coffin. I bent down and kissed the top and said, "What the fuck did you do to me fang face; sleep well because there will be hell to pay when you wake!"
I walked in to the bathroom and turned on the shower to the hottest point and got in it felt good and woke me up. When I was dressed I looked up Donna's phone number and phoned her.
The voice that answered was wide-awake and very cheerful had to be Donna.
"Hello Donna speaking! How can I help you?"
"Hi Donna it's Anita Blake, I was wondering if Ted was in?"
"Hi Anita its nice to hear from you Ted said you were coming to town with your boyfriend, you must come over for dinner sometime."
"Ye that would be nice Donna," I say thinking that she is doing a good job of not answering my question then in the back ground I hear him ask who it is on the phone.
"He just walked in Anita I'll put you on to him but we must arrange for the meal before you leave so I can meet the men that captured the fearless Anita Blake's heart."
"Okay Donna talk to you later," then she passed me to Death.
"What's up?"
"I need to know what you've found out about the Master, is she up to something? I'm not in the mood to die down here again so no secrets okay!"
"Okay, not as far as my sources could find out she isn't after your head but don't go in unprepared she might just be keeping what she is up too very quiet" Death says.
"Do I ever go anywhere without my weapons anymore?"
"No, but make sure you do take them I'll drop off some off my ammo."
"Okay, I'm at the 'Prince Of Whales Hotel' when are you coming over?"
"Don't know it'll be before sunset, don't want to meet up with your boyfriend."
"Best tell that to Donna! She just invited us over for dinner to meet the family, don't worry Jean-Claude has more control than that. See you later."
"Ye I'll talk to Donna and see you later."
And with that he hung up leaving me in the room on my own again.
Now what? Take a walk? Yes that sounds good.
So I left a note in case anyone woke up and wondered where I was but I knew that I had someone watching me all the time I was up and they even followed me out of the room so I guessed that Jean-Claude didn't really think that we would be left alone.
I found a nice looking park about twenty minuets away from the hotel it had a slide and a set of swings and in the far corner was an ice cream van so I decided to get myself one and my follower (might as well be nice). I got chocolate chip and my follower got vanilla. I walked over to where he was hiding from my view; it was Jason! "Hi Jason, want some ice-cream?"
Jason looked up and said, "How did you know I was here? What flavour is it? "As he made a grab for the ice-cream in my hand I said "I am part of the tri too you know it helps my senses and its vanilla!"
"Why the hell do I have to have the vanilla? It's so plain do you think I'm plain Aniiiiiita." Jason says whilst bouncing up and down and pouting at the same time really! Funny if you think about it.
"No I don't think you understand you get the vanilla because I was kind enough to buy you it get it! And yes sometimes I think you're a plain idiot so eat it up and stop sulking"
"If you let me have a bit of yours I will"
"No MINE!"
"If you give me some I'll kiss your feet and be a good wolfey"
"I'll be nice to you for a whole week"
"I'll give you hugs for a month"
"NO way on this earth Jason"
"I'll kiss you everyday for a year"
"If you don't buy me one I'll kiss you and hug you for the rest of your life" Lifting of the eyebrows he's got me and he knows it.
"Okay if you don't even think about any of what you just said I'll buy you another ice-cream"
"Okay, I'll have a triple chocolate-chip please"
So off I slumped to buy the wolf an ice cream to wolf down.