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Created from: Mole's works

Chapter 4

"By the way I couldn't talk Donna out of having the dinner party with you lot so we made a compromise and we are going to a little restaurant called The Incognito. I hope you don't mind eating out but I know the rules about inviting vampires into my house."
"No that should be alright. When do you want to go there?"
"We best get it out of the way as soon as possible. How about tonight? How many will I need to book for?"
"Well there are 7 of us and 4 of you so that's 11. What a party we will be."
"How many will be eating 4 of us but 3 wears. So they class as about 2 apiece sorry it could cost us a bit. Of course we will pay half."
"Okay well meet at the restaurant at about 7 o clock. Is that okay with you?"
"Ye we'll meet you there"
After Edward left I was left to brief the rest on what to call him and about Donna and the family.
This time I actually brought something to change to get dressed up in too. So after telling Nathaniel and Cheery that this was a no leather `dress up` and that kids were going to be present and I didn't want to have them upset this was to be a happy memory with me in it all the rest were not happy.
I went to get a shower only to find a very naked Jean-Claude already in there. (Oh well might as well join him).
After an adventures shower (He, He) I got changed into a pair of beige trousers, a red scope neck T-shirt, beige jacket, and a pair of beige ankle boots.
Best keep all colours co-ordinated and happy (every thing is happy).
Jean-Claude was wearing black shiny trousers, a blue that was so dark it was almost black he had a black sports jacket, (1) and black leather shoes.
When we left our room to go join the rest in the hotel bar I felt very happy and at ease with the world (there's a first time for everything).
When we arrived at the bar I got a great surprise.
Nathaniel was wearing a suit a lot like Jean-Claude's except that the shirt was a dark purple. Cheery was wearing a black knee length dress that made here look very beautiful. Asher and Damian were wearing exactly the same as Jean-Claude witch made me think that there wardrobes were very co-ordinated but I liked what they were wearing so way piss about it. I couldn't see Jason at the time because he was stood behind Asher but when I did, I thought I'd have a laughing fit. Jason was wearing a three-piece suit complete with gold pocket watch and little hankie.
"So will this do Anita do we look non scary for the little kiddies" asked Cherry
"Ye, you guys scrub up nice. We should do it more often."
And with that we left the hotel in to a limousine that had been hired for us (courtesy of Jean-Claude of cause, I don't think he knows what a taxi is)