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Created from: Mole's works

Chapter 5

The restaurant was quite large and set on two levels the top level was for non-smokers the bottom had the bar and smoking section. We were on the top level and had most of it to our selves because of our numbers.
Half the wall was yellow the other half was wood panelling and to make the border there was a little picture every 2cm or so.
When we got to our table Donna and the kids were already sat down.
"Hi, Donna, Beca, Peter." I said
"Hello Anita.” Donna said. Looking odley at my company she said “Are you going to introduce us to the rest of your company?"
"Yes. The man in the 3 piece is Jason next to him is Damian, next to him is Cheery on my outer side the one at the end is Asher then Nathaniel and this here" Pulling Jean-Claude into a hug "is Jean-Claude, my partner. Everyone this is Donna and her kids Peter and Beca and you all know TED"
After the introductions we sat so that we alternated a vampire between each human/ware. It went me next to Donna, Jean-Claude next to me Nathaniel next to him then Asher, and then it went Cherry, Damian, Jason, Ted, Peter, Beca and then Donna of coarse.
While we were looking at the menu nobody was talking and it as beginning to get on my nerves.
"So how's the shop doing Donna?"
"Oh the shop's doing great and my physic told me that the energy's were right this year to start and expand it a little."
"Are you still going to the same one as you were last time because I never did get to meet her and if she's still around I'd like to meet her still."
"Yes it's the same one she's very good and was disappointed when you didn't get to see her last time"
While all this was going on Jean-Claude was sat next to me pointing at various things on the menu that he would like to eat or drink. I kept shaking my head until we came to a compromise I was going to have a pizza with prawns and tuna on it with a glass of red wine and a glass of coke.
While I was in my compromise with Jean-Claude, Cherry had kept Donna busy by telling her that she would love to see the shop sometime because it was something of a hobby of hers to look at the different kinds of shops. Which I thought could be true considering the amount of time she spends shopping.
When it came time to order our food it was decided that the vampires would order half of the food that the wears wanted as to keep down any suspicions that: A they weren’t eating and,
B that the wears of the family were wears.
The man who came to take the order must have been about 20 and had an ass to die for. He went round the table taking the orders for food and said he would send someone up to take the drinks orders.
While we were discussing what to do after the meal a young woman came up to take our drinks orders and by the looks on the males in our group excluding Ted I would guess that is what we all looked like when the man came to take the orders but that doesn’t mean I have to like it so Jean-Claude got a swift kick in the knee and could have sworn I heard him let out a grunt of pain Ha serves him right imagine looking at another woman’s butt when your long living love was sat next to you. By the time the food arrived, I’d been accosted in to going on a shopping trip with Cherry and Donna, and going out to the shooting range with Ted guess which I would like to go to most?
The meal was nice I sipped my wine ate the pizza and listened to the new Westlife CD ‘World of Our Own’.
Jean-Claude seemed to enjoy himself, and so did the others but I noticed that Jason looked a little uncomfortable in his suite.
Towards the end of the meal, Donna asked us what we were going to do for the rest of our time here. Jean-Claude answered with his usual ease while the rest of our group were all looking uncomfortable except for me of course so it made me wonder what Jean-Claude was up to this time but his answer gave nothing away.
“As this holiday is mostly to give Ma Petite time to rest I thought that we would see some of the clubs and have a look around town we will also be meeting an old friend of mine while we are here Mon Chère”
“How nice I have heard that there are some good clubs around maybe if I can convince Ted to take me to one we will see you there” Donna said to Jean-Claude to me she said “I do hope you get a lot of rest while you’re here your friends seem to want you too.” I could have sworn that I heard Ted and Asher laughs when she said about my friends wanting me to rest.
Not long after we were just finishing, our meals when Ted’s cell phone rang he got up to answer it and said
“ I’ll be back, sorry”
As he walked away, I heard him say “ Hello Ted…”
When he came back, he went to Donna and said something to her that made her go very pale and start to pack up her things rapidly. She kept saying that she was sorry to be leaving us but it couldn’t be helped and then they left.
Not long after they left, we decided that we should move as well. While the others were getting coats, I decided it was a good time to ask Jean-Claude the question I had been avoiding all night.
“Jean-Claude can I have a word with you” I said
“Of course Ma Petite what can I do for you?”
“Are we going to see Obsidian Butterfly tonight?”
“Oui, I am afraid we have to it is only courtiers that we visit the master of the city once while we are staying here. Now come let us go back to the hotel and change into some better clothes. I think that Jason will appreciate that a lot.”
With that, we all climb into the limo and went back to the hotel.