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Created from: Mole's works

Chapter 6

When we got to the hotel Jason shot off up the stairs to his room me and Jean-Claude went to our room. I was just taking off my pants when Jean-Claude walked into my room.
“Do you know that it is along time since we have been together Ma Petite. I hunger for you” then he wrapped his hands on my hips and started to kiss my neck the he moved on to my shoulders. All the wile telling me how much he missed me. When he got round to my front he place a small kiss on the top of my cleavage. His right hand snaked round to my back while his mouth traced a path up my neck to my mouth. Then we were kissing so passionately that I didn’t even realise my bra had gone till he pulled away and started to suck on my left breast while his right hand stroked my right breast. His left hand moved up and down my hips and to the inside of my thighs tracing little circles until I was whimpering then he slid down me and pushed away the lace pants. Then he was placing little kisses on the inside of my thigh. My legs chose this moment to give way only Jean-Claude’s arms were keeping me up. He stood slowly still holding me picked me up in his arms and carried me to the bed all the time kissing me like a man who just couldn’t get enough. When I was on the bed he went back to driving me crazy by placing little kisses on my nub and then I felt him flick his tong out to try and taste me more. He lifted his mouth long enough to tear the lace away and bent to taste me again. He kept telling me I was wet, delicious, and spicy-sweet. It was driving me mad and I didn’t think I would be able to last much longer at the slow pace he was going.
“Please Jean Claude…I need” I didn’t get much more out before he took me how I wanted him to, he slipped two fingers inside of me it was to much I lost what little control I had left.
He flowed up my body, his fingers still inside of me then he took them away and I made a small whimper of protest.
“Not long now Ma Petite” I heard him say. Then with one long hard trust he was in me. I met him halfway as he thrust into me again it was pure pleasure. His tongue thrust into my mouth in concert with his thrusting. After the first agonizing minuets, he took me fast, hard and wild.
Over and over again, he was wild and it was unbelievable. When we were done we were both covered in sweat but I felt like I was floating on a cloud I knew that we would have to move soon because the others would be waiting for us. So slowly I sat up and asked Jean Claude
“Do you want to shower first or shall I?”