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Created from: Mole's works

Chapter 7
When we had finished showering, and were once again changed in to something more resemble. I was wearing black jeans, red polo top, black nikes and a black leather jacket, Jean-Claude was wearing black leather pants, a royal blue shirt that made his eyes look very bright and deep, and he was also wearing black leather boos that cam to mid-calf. After this, we went down stairs to meet the others.
Nathaniel was wearing black leather pants so tight that I knew that he wasnít wearing anything underneath he was also wearing a white t-shirt that was so tight it clung to all his muscles. Cheery was wearing a black skirt I think made of leather and a blood red low cut blouse. Asher and Damian were wearing black jeans and clingy white t-shirts. They looked good. Jason was wearing black pants just like Nathanielís and a fish net shirt. He looked a lot more comfortable in that than in the suit.
Once again, we were on the road except this time we were travelling in a mini van and on our way to see Obsidian Butterfly at the club.