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Created from: Mole's works

Chapter 8

The club hadn’t changed much since I was last here. It was still themed in Aztec style. There were still bouncers on the door only this time they were double-checking the ID (Think they know where here). It took us quite a while to get in because there were so many of us but I guess that they had been told to let the vamps in because we weren’t stopped.
Once we were in, we headed for three tables near the stage and pushed them together so we could all sit together. Not long after we sat down and got sorted with our drinks out the show started it was the same show I saw the first time I had visited the club only the man on the stage was not Caser. (May be he took a holiday). As the priest did his speech about last meals and brides, I saw the wares move out into the crowed. I leaned towards Jean-Claude and said, “I hope they don’t pick any of us, it would give them quite a shock”
“Did you not participate last time you were here Ma Petite” Jean-Claude asked
“Ye! You should have seen the disaster that caused”
“Then Ma Petite I would not look now because it would seem you’re going to be able to repeat that performance”
“What are you going on about Jean-Claude?”
Just as I said it, one of the wares came up to me and held out a hand.
“Sorry but I can’t do this go away”
He just stood there looking at me and not blinking or showing any signs that he had understood me. So, I looked around the club so I could point him in the direction of someone else only to see that I was the only Petite woman with shoulder length hair in the club. It’s enough to make me shave all my hair off!
“Look” I told him “tell the Pinotl that can’t find anyone because I’m not moving from this chair with out one very good reason.”
He just carried on looking at me then turned his head towards the stage the he turned back to me and leaned forward.
“My Master wishes you to join him on the stage so that you may talk” He said to me at last he speaks.
After seeing the hope in his eyes I just couldn’t not go on the stage and talking to a Master was always a good reason to get up and go don’t want to upset anyone. So, I was lead to the stage but I felt like a lamb being led to slaughter. Oh, what fun we will have.
When I got to the stage, I got a great big round of applause for going up. Then as before the priest talked and the others did as he commanded leaving just me on the sidelines. This time the man came to me took me in front of him and turned his back to the audience.
He then said “ Relax ms Bake I will not hurt you. I was not here the last time you visited and was most disappointed not to have had the chance the only human Nimin raje and Lupa. So when I heard you were in town I gave Cesar the night off so that I would be able to meet with you.”
“That’s nice, who are you?” I said
“I am Max the Nimin Raj of the Croswell clan and I can now say that you are every thing that they said you were and much more”
“Why would you want to meet me? I’m nothing special”
He gave a little chuckle at this the sound seemed to come straight out of his chest “ that is a matter of opinion Ms Blake”
All the while we were talking max was kissing my face and moving his body so that the audience did not know what we were really up to. It seemed to be working but unfortunately, I could feel Jean-Claude becoming jealous and he has a tendency to be stupid when jealous. Time to put a stop to this.
“If you want to talk then I suggest we do it later. My boyfriend is becoming agitated and will probably rip you to pieces if you don’t stop”
“Okay Ms Blake we will talk later. Maybe when you visit the Master we can talk. We can leave your Master to talk with mine and have our own talk. How dose that sound?”
“Okay Max. Later.”
With that, we moved off the stage so that they could begin the shadow orgy.
“Nice to see you again Pinotl”
“And you as well Anita. I hope that you will participate in our hospitality this time around. My Master was most disappointed last time.”
“If the hospitality is to my likening the I may”
“As always cautious. You do not have to do anything you are uncomfortable with”
“That is a lot of things Pinotl”
“Maybe! Now you are needed back on the stage,” Pinotl said in a smug voice
“I’m not stripping,” I shouted to Pinotl
“See you later on Anita”
Then Max led me back on to the stage and kissed me full on the mouth before letting me off the stage.
When I got back to my seat, the guys were looking at me strangely.
“Did you enjoy yourself Ma Petite?” Jean-Claude asked
“Not particularly but I found out a lot of information. Basically I found out how well we will be received if that’s what you were asking Jean-Claude.”
“No Ma Petite that is not what I was asking. I asked if you enjoyed yourself with the CAT”
At this, I laughed, “A little jealous were we Jean-Claude? What you saw was all show. Nothing I repeat nothing happened so you can put your fangs away and at least act half your age.”
“Very well Anita you have made your point. Now what did you find out?”
“I found out that we are not about to be jumped, that Obsidian Butterfly would like to talk to you, but I don’t know what about. I also found out that I am still being talked about and that the Max that’s the cat on the stage wants to talk to me again I don’t know what about.”
“You managed to find all this out while you were up there,” asked Jason sounding very imprested
“Ye if you work around police enough you pick up their technique for getting information out of people even if they don’t know your doing it.”
“Very impressive Ma Petite. Would you like another drink?” Jean-Claude asked.
“Yes please the lights on the stage will make you thirsty”
Jean-Claude was jealous of what was going on the stage but I wasn’t about to tell him more.
When the drinks arrived, there was a message from Obsidian Butterfly to meet her at the end of the act and that I knew the way.