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Created from: Mishap's Works

Chapter 3
Here we sat staring across the kitchen table at each other. Emily had left with Jean-Claude's limo and Asher had stayed behind. The effects of the spells that Emily had directed us in had left me feeling exhilarated rather than tired.

     Nobody could quite meet anybody else's eyes. Even Jean-Claude who was normally comfortable in any situation didn't say a word. I guess it was up to me to break the ice.

“So does anybody feel like talking about it?” I questioned flippantly.

Jean-Claude sighed and took a deep breath. “Ma petite you have such a way of getting straight to the point. At least we know now what happened. Emily explained to us that we can no longer afford to avoid the members of our triumvirate for any reason and that we need to regularly work with the power or risk another `explosion' like this.”

Richard ran his hands through his hair and spoke up. “Anita I don't like the idea of being fed on at all, but if I am going to continue to experience the ardeur second hand there isn't a lot of point in pretending that I don't care.”

“Don't do me any favors Richard.” I bit out my temper beginning to boil. “If you don't like spending time with me then don't

“Damn it, Anita you know that's not what I mean. I love you. I will love you `til the day I die. This is more than I ever dreamed I would have to deal with. Your needs and my jealousy don't make it any easier.”

Jean-Claude stood up. “We must deal with the situation that exists. Instead of getting angry at each let us try to put that aside.” Turning to face Richard he asked. “I assume that your jealousy does not extend to me.

I watched in awe as Richard's dark complexion assumed all the colors of the sunset. “Fuck you Jean-Claude.” Richard exploded.

     “I have already had the pleasure Richard and so have you.” He answered as he ran his eyes over Richard's luscious form.

     “Knock it off Jean-Claude.” I shouted coming to my feet. I pulled the Browning out its holster and set it on the table. “The next one of you that starts trouble is gonna get shot. Now act like grownups.” I sat down glaring at them both.

     Asher stepped up to the table from where he had leaned against the wall watching. “If I may make a suggestion as I have no part in the events that took place last night. I can act as a moderator.”

     I didn't want to talk about it with anybody not intimately involved my first reaction was a resounding no. Since for once I thought before I spoke I could see that it could be a good idea. Reluctantly I spoke out. “Asher, I think that rather we want you to help or not we really need an unbiased voice of reason.”

     Richard opened his mouth to object, I think, and then closed it nodding instead.

     “I have no objections either.” Said Jean-Claude.

     I was shocked this was the first time we had agreed on anything in a long time without blood being spilled first. “Okay,” I said taking my courage in both hands. “There is no way of getting around the facts. First we all participated in the…” words failed me.

     “Orgy, ma petite.” Suggested Jean-Claude.

     “Orgy.” I repeated swallowing convulsively. “I know that for me and Richard at least it was a first in more ways than one. I am not real proud of my actions. This is more than I have ever expected to experience and I am having real trouble accepting my part and my actions in it.”  I looked around the table forcing myself to meet the eyes of not only Richard and Jean Claude, but the Pard and Gil and Jason as well. I would have rather gone up against Mr. Oliver again than have this discussion.

     “The question remains though what is going to be done.” Asher looked at each of us. “Anita has at least spoken up. Richard what goes on from here on out depends a lot on you.”

     “Christ.” Richard swore covering his face with his hands. “I can accept that I lost control and that what happened was really none of our choosing, but to be honest.” He said looking at jean-Claude. “I really can't continue in any kind of sexual relationship with you. I have accepted that a small part of me is attracted to you, but I am just not capable of it as more than a one time event.”

     “Mon ami,” Jean-Claude spoke to Richard. “I have no problem with that what happened between us removed a barrier between us, but I no objection to that being the end of it. Ma petite could not accept us as lovers and I like you, but I don't love you.”

     Some dark secret part of me mourned their decision. The rest of me though was very relieved. I had had a typical Midwest upbringing and a true ménage a trois was beyond my ability to live with.

     Richard turned to me and spoke with heartfelt emotion. “Anita, I have never stopped loving you. I know that I can't have you exclusively. If there is anyway you could accept me back into your life and give me another chance. Please let me try again.

     As I stared into his eyes I remembered all the reasons I loved this man. The caving, watching movies together and so much more, I also remembered the jealousy and the refusal to accept things that had ended up getting people hurt and killed. “Richard I am not going to say yes, but I am also not saying no either. I won't go back to the way things were and I have other people in my life. I can't live with your jealousy. If you can bring yourself to accept that I am willing to try. If you can't say so now.”

     “Anita,” he spoke seriously. “When the ardeur overtook us all our sharing it gave me a chance to look in your heart. I can't say that I will never feel jealousy or that I won't make decisions that you disagree with, but I can say that having felt your thoughts and emotions I understand you and your motivation a lot better. I also believe that I can accept you as you are.”

     I let out a deep breath I didn't know I was holding. “I have to be honest with you. Nathaniel is now a much closer part of my life and I am not willing to give him up. I love him too. In a way different than you or jean-Claude, but in no way less.” I held my hand out to him and Nathaniel came to me eagerly from where he had been leaning against the kitchen cupboards to kneel beside me.

     “I can accept that, but what about Micah? Richard asked.

     “Micah is not really an issue we haven't slept together in the last month and he no longer lives with me. The decision was mutual and we know that we are attracted together for the pard. Not for any other reason, we have nothing in common and I can't trust him enough to go any further with what little we did have.” I answered.

     I looked over at Asher and surprised a look of pain and hunger in his eyes as he looked at us. I asked him, “is there anything else you think we need to talk about?”

     He attempted to smile and failed miserably. He swung his hair to cover his face and hide behind. “I think that about covers it.” He stood and turned to walk away.

     I shared a moment of wordless communication with Richard I already knew Jean-Claude's answer. “Asher stop.” I followed and placed my hand on his shoulder feeling him tense as I did so. “We can't be your friend and close you out. You know Jean-Claude loves you and so do I. I don't know if it can be more than that, but we are all willing to invite you in to our lives. To be a part of the family so to speak.” He stood there silent and not moving and I walked around him to see his face and was surprised to see tears running down his face. “Oh Asher please don't cry.” I said taking his face in my hands the scarred side of his face contrasting with the unmarked side.

     “Anita.” He whispered brokenly. “Mon Cherie Tu me fais craquer, you shatter my heart, again. To have again a chance to bask in the purity of a soul like yours is beyond anything I expected to ever experience.” He pulled me into his embrace resting his head on my shoulder and threatening to break my ribs with his unwitting strength.

     I said a little breathlessly. “I take that this means you accept our offer?”

     He lifted his head and looked at me fiercely, his voice teasing. “Mon cher so tough and hard on the outside, but like fluff in your heart.” He released me turning to face the men at the table. “Don't you ever mistreat her or you will answer to me.”

     Turning back to face me Asher said. “It is very close to dawn. May I make use of your basement to take my rest?” he asked.

     “Of course, you know that you are always welcome. Take jean-Claude with you and he will show you where everything is.” I said.

     Jean-Claude rose from the table and walked over to join Asher. Pausing next to me bent and placed a soft kiss on my lips. Before walking down to the basement.

     I turned back to the group gathered in my kitchen staring at me. “What?” I asked irritated that they were watching me like I had grown another head. “Don't you have anything better to do than watch me?”

     Nathaniel spoke up a little hesitantly. “We have never seen you so accepting of shows of affection. We wonder what it means for us.”

     I sighed I hated discussing things like this. “After last night my objecting to a public kiss is rather ridiculous. Considering that I acted like the original slut girl it would be rather hypocritical.” As usual Jason had to test my patience.

     “Does that mean I get a kiss too?” he asked walking over wrap his arms around me.

     “No it means that if you don't let me go it won't be fatal when I shoot you, but it will still hurt a lot.” I told him shoving him away as he grinned widely and batted his eyelashes at me. “Jason are you sure you don't have a death wish.” I complained trying not to grin at his antics.

     Richard stood up saying. “Much as I would rather stay I need to check on the pack members and see if they need any help. Jason, you can come with me and quit pestering Anita. He came to me and gave me a kiss that took my breath away. “I'll stop by after school tonight if that's all right with you?”

     I nodded a little breathless and watched him walk out the front door dragging Jason along with him.

     I felt Nathaniel come up behind me and wrap his arms around me and nuzzle my neck. He mumbled something into my neck that I didn't understand and I had to ask what he said.

     He repeated for me more clearly this time. “Do you feel as tired as I do?”
     Up until that moment I would have said no, but realizing that the temporary burst of energy that had sustained me was gone I answered in the positive. “I think Nat has the right idea everybody. Let's get some sleep since it's the weekend and we'll talk more later.” They all seem to think the same as they began to wander off to their own rooms. I noticed that Gil, Zane and Cherry all went together and I wondered if it would be permanent.

     I walked down the hall to my room with Nathaniel following me and I opened the door and took a look at the scene of the disaster. I groaned when I realized I would have to put clean sheets on the bed before I could sleep in it Nathaniel and I somehow managed to get that done and collapsed into bed half asleep before I ever hit the pillow.


     The next thing I knew was dreaming I thought, of someone kissing his or her way across my stomach and lower. I squirmed and realized that it was no dream. I opened my eyes to see Nathaniel between my thighs and to feel my body half way to orgasm. I opened my mouth to protest and the words died unspoken as he lifted himself on his arms too slid into my wet warmth. Before my brain quit functioning altogether I thought that I could get used to waking up this way.