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Created from: Mishap's Works

Chapter 4
Getting out of the shower I dressed in my signature black jeans with a short-sleeved red shirt with my shoulder holster attached to the belt. Dressed and armed I walked out to the living room.

     I was surprised to see Richard sitting on my couch. I checked my black divers watch that I wore on my wrist and it was only 2:30 in the afternoon. A thought occurred to me and I had to ask. “Richard, you forgot that it was Sunday didn't you?”

     He looked up from the book he was reading and I could see a slight flush high on his cheekbones as he answered. “Yes, I did.”

     I had to smile. I said, “I am glad that I am not the only one who was a little confused this morning.”

     “Yeah,” he admitted. “At least I got Jason out of your hair for a while. If he had pushed any further this morning I thought that you might have had to shoot him for real instead of just threatening him.”

     I was a little hurt. “Richard, you know that I wouldn't shoot him for just irritating me. In fact I have rather gotten used to him teasing me and if you ever tell him I will shoot you for real.” I threatened teasingly.

     He stood up and stretched and watching his body move under his tight white t-shirt and jeans I could feel my brain cells going numb. What was it about him that made me feel like I was a giddy schoolgirl with her first crush? I have been regularly exposed to male bodies that were every bit as fine as his and I loved to look, but nobody else made want to giggle and blush.

     He looked at me knowingly and I felt myself blushing. “I am glad that some things haven't changed.” He said. “I like knowing that you react to me.”

     Changing the subject I asked. “When you checked on the pack had there been any problems?”

     I could tell that he recognized the change of subject for what it was an attempt to get his mind off my reactions, but I was genuinely interested in the answer.

     He began to grin and chuckle. I could tell that something that had happened that was unexpected. “When I came over with Jean-Claude and Jason last night I left Shang Da and Jamil at the circus. Let's just they that they are now much closer than they ever thought that they would be.”

     Jamil and Shang Da, I shook my head trying to come to grips with the thought of the two of them as inadvertent lovers. I said. “That boggles the mind.” I started laughing as I imagined the look on their faces when they had realized what had happened.

     Richard was laughing so hard that he had collapsed back down onto my couch. I joined him laughing until I was breathless. He said, “I went there to check on them and I walked into Jean-Claude's office and they were lying on the floor cuddled together stark naked. I guess they heard me because they opened their eyes and looked at each other and I have never seen the two of them move faster. They were on opposite sides of the room completely oblivious to me, stuttering and pointing at each other. I couldn't help it I started laughing and I thought for a moment that I might have to fight them both, but I explained what had happened and when I left they were sitting on the floor totally flabbergasted.

     Nathaniel walked into the living room drawn by the sounds of our laughter and Richard had to explain again. Which started everybody laughing again. It was a good thing that nobody decided that this would be a good time to take out the Executioner or the local Ulfric, because we would have been completely helpless.


     Richard, Nathaniel and I had decided that although we had settled the basics of our changed relationships this morning (was it only this morning?) that we needed to spend some time without the hassles of everyday life intruding. Richard had called the school and managed to get a week off. I called Bert and told him that I was gone for the next week and had to listen to him threaten to fire me even though both of us knew it would never happen. All that was left was for our vampire friends to wake up and since it was now sunset it wouldn't be long.

     It felt weird sitting on the couch with two boyfriends and waiting for two more. I called Asher a boyfriend considering the conversation this morning. I had never thought when I was a chubby kid that I would ever have one boyfriend much less three or four.

     I heard the basement door open and my two favorite vampires appeared in the living room door pausing to take it the three of us seated on the couch. I could feel Richard tense beside me and shot him a quick glance and was surprised as I watch a light flush appear on his cheekbones. I thought that that was a little strange considering Jean-Claude had neither said anything or made any kind of gesture towards him.

     “Ma petite?” Jean-Claude questioned a little hesitantly looking at the three of us.

     I took the bull by the horns and blurted out one of the decision that had been arrived at. “Richard and Nathaniel have volunteered to be Asher's and your evening snack so that we can discuss our situation some more.” It probably wasn't the most diplomatic way to put it, but what the hell. It was better than pussyfooting around for the half an hour it would have taken Richard to get around to saying it.

     Jean-Claude dropped his normally blank façade and appeared utterly shocked. I can't say that I blamed him considering Richard's oft-repeated determination that he wouldn't let anybody feed on him. I was kind of enjoying getting the upper hand on him usually its me standing there looking shocked.

     Richard glared at me getting to his feet and saying, “I could have told him myself.”

     I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled at him continuing to stroke Nathaniel's hair back from where his head rested on my lap. I decided since nobody seemed to have anything to say that I would get the ball rolling. “Well boys choose your dinner we have a lot to talk about.”

     Asher spoke up, “Mon Cher, you seem to be enjoying this. What's going on.”

     “Nothing.” I replied. “We have a lot to get settled and I want your full attention and a growling stomach won't help. That is if vampire stomachs do growl when you're hungry.” I teased.

     Jean-Claude put his hands on his hips and said. “Ma petite you know very well they do not.”

     I didn't get the chance very often to get the master of the city off balance and I was enjoying it maybe a bit too much they were all staring at me now even Nathaniel who had sat up to look at me. I sighed usually I was the one who took things too seriously. “I give up. I said raising my arms in surrender. “I was only teasing you.”

     “You can't blame us for wondering a little.” Asher stated. “You are acting a little out of character for the Anita we all know and love.”

     “Can I help it if I am in a good mood.” I said exasperated by their reaction. “It does happen once or twice a year so enjoy it while it lasts.”

     “Very well ma petite after we have dined we will continue with the discussion you mentioned.” Jean-Claude said. “If Richard would oblige me.”

     Richard walked hesitantly toward Jean-Claude. “Where do you…uh want to do this at? He asked.

     “The couch would probably be the most comfortable for you.” Jean-Claude replied indicating the couch I still sat on.

     I watched as Richard headed back to sit down again. Jean-Claude and Asher moved to opposite ends. I continued to watch fascinated as Richard closed his eyes goosed bumps appearing on him as Jean-Claude brushed back his frothy brown hair. Richard's body tensed as the vampire's fangs pierced the flesh of his neck. I heard a noise behind me and turned to see Nathaniel in Asher's arms I could tell that he was enjoying the experience just as much as Richard was.
     Asher and Jean-Claude finished at almost the same time and I noticed that the two resident lycanthropes appeared to have the same expressions on their faces that I had seen after sex. I could almost feel the heat rolling off of their bodies.

     Richard wiped the light sheen of sweat off his brow and swallowed noticeably opening his eyes to find me staring at him. For the second time this evening he blushed slightly avoiding my eyes. I felt Nathaniel move back to my side to cuddle and I could hear him purring softly.

     “Now that everybody has had their dinner we need to let Asher and Jean-Claude in on what we were talking about while they slept.” I said to get the ball rolling.

     Richard seemed to pull himself together. “We,” he said indicating Nathaniel and I. “have been talking and Anita and I managed to get some time off of work. All of us have had the experience of thinking that things are settled and then blowing up in our faces. If you and Asher can manage to delegate some responsibility for the next week we have agreed to spend this week working on our,” He hesitated. “relationship for lack of a better word.”

     “I can see why Jean-Claude needs to be here, but why me.” Asher asked.

     I looked him in the eye and let my feelings show the things I couldn't say. “I told you this morning that you are important to us and I, we wouldn't dream of not including you in something this important to us all.”

     “I didn't say anything this morning,” Richard spoke up. “Because Anita said it all. I don't know you like she does, but I figure by the end of the week I will. And if she cares about you then I trust her judgment enough that there is a damned good reason for it.” He stated emphatically.

     As I listened to Richard speak to Asher I realized that he had finally given up that last piece of childhood that had kept me from being able to trust him and had grown up at long last. I hoped it was permanent I didn't want to go back to the way he had been a child one moment and an adult the next and never being able to tell if he was going fly off the handle.

     Nathaniel stood and walked to give Asher a hug saying quietly. “You've always held yourself apart and there is no need with us. You are truly welcome.”

     I think that this was when Asher finally accepted that he didn't have to be alone anymore. I watched as joy transformed his face and he returned Nathaniel's hug.