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Created from: Mishap's Works

Chapter 5
As the five of us sat in my living room talking about every subject under the sun in an effort to add a sense of balance and sanity to our topsy-turvy relationships a thought occurred to me. I had to ask “I wonder about how well we are all accepting this, I mean if anyone had suggest two days ago that I would be involved with four men I would have been pissed. Now it seems almost comfortable, relaxed even.”

     “Ma petite has brought up a very good point.” Jean-Claude stated. “I have wondered that considering the pressure we were under when we married the marks at Narcissus in Chains, if we truly completed the process. For example if we had not needed to rescue the leopards if the feelings that we experienced would have led to something not unlike what happened yesterday.” He added hastily. “ Not involving the whole city but our acceptance of each other and the falling away of the barriers between us.”

     I nodded considering his words they made more sense than anything else that came to mind. Especially the odd unity of Jean-Claude and Richard's actions in the club that day drew an odd kind of parallel to the events of this weekend. “I wonder if that's why all of us have been more accepting of things that had previously only led to conflict. In fact I wonder if somehow parts of us that love others has been shared.” I mused aloud my mind racing.

     Richard shot to his feet as if he had been stung. “That's got to be it,” he enthused, “It's the only thing that explains the weird impulses and feelings I have been experiencing.”

     I was completely entranced by the change from the whiney, angsty Richard that annoyed me so badly; back to the confident and enthusiastic man I had fallen in love with. I'd thought I would never see that man again.

     Jean-Claude being the troublemaker that he is piped up and asked, “Tell us more of these feelings of yours.”

     Richard started stuttering and blushing again. “Th…th…that's none of your business,” he said.

     “Calm down Richard,” I said, attempting to soothe him. “I know that Jean-Claude likes to tease, but this could be important.

     He sat back down on the hiding his face in his hands and groaned. “I should have kept my mouth shut. Okay here it is listen close because I am not going to repeat it.”

     “I keep having these weird impulses to kiss Jean-Claude's burn scar, to stroke Nathaniel's hair and wrap my arms around Asher and kiss his neck, to see if Nathaniel's skin is as soft and touchable as it looks. Also I keep wanting Anita to dominate me.” I thought I was going crazy.

     Asher was the first to voice an opinion. “Richard I don't believe that you are the on one experiencing these things. I must admit that have an odd urge to giggle whenever I see your muscles move under your skin.”

     My face burned, I knew who that had come from. If I had to share my feelings why did it have to be that feeling? I spoke up. “I guess I haven't really noticed anything different myself.”

     “Mon Cher,” Asher began a little hesitantly, “I believe that may be due to the fact that you already cared for all of us.”

     I considered that and had to admit that he was correct. “You're right Asher, I have loved you all for sometime. The only thing that has really changed for me is that all the anxiety and second-guessing I have experienced in the past seems to have been eliminated. I feel no shame or disgust at myself for the uh… situation.”

     Jean-Claude laughed proving that he still had the ability to send chills down my spine with his voice. “It is not really all that amazing when you realize that ma petite is the linch pin that we all revolve around.”

     I looked around, as the boys all seemed to agree with that. “So where do we go from here?”

     “I propose that we see how far these new limits can be pushed.” Jean-Claude spoke up letting his eyes linger on each of us. I could tell by the glint in his eyes that the new feelings we had discussed included him as well.

     “Before anything goes any further I think we need to get Nathaniel into this discussion.” I looked down to where he leaned against my leg just letting us talk around him. “Nathaniel this concerns you too. We need to know if you are comfortable with this or if you have any questions.”

     He lifted smoldering eyes to me and spoke with assurance. “Oh yes, it would be like a dream come true.” I guess that said it all.

     I was a little uncomfortable with the idea of just jumping in feet first. As if he had read my mind Jean-Claude made a suggestion. “Why don't we let fate take a hand here? I have heard of an interesting game that children sometimes play in this country called rotate the bottle.”

     Richard corrected him. “That's spin the bottle and its not a bad idea.” I had the feeling that Richard had been every bit as uncomfortable as I had been.

     “I have never heard of this game. You will have to instruct me.” Asher said. I gave him the basic idea while jean-Claude went to get a bottle.

     “Its very simple Asher. You spin the bottle in a circle and whomever it points to you kiss.” I explained.


     Fifteen minutes later we sat on the floor in a circle we had flipped a coin to decide who went first and Asher spun the bottle. It pointed to me and we leaned forward touching our lips together softly a gentle exploratory kind of kiss that I enjoyed very much. From there it went to the right and it was Richard's turn. He hesitantly kissed Nathaniel with an odd look on his face.

     This went on for sometime I lost track of how many times the bottle had been spun. Hesitant unsure kisses became passionate and now included lingering touches. I almost cried when I saw Jean-Claude and Asher kiss for the first time in what had to be at least two hundred years. The boys had removed their shirts and I discarded the shoulder holster unbuttoning the top three button of my shirt. The longer we played the warmer it seemed to grow. Was it just me? I don't think so judging by the looks on the others faces.

     It was amazing to me how truly comfortable this felt. It just felt right somehow. I couldn't explain it. I really didn't understand how I could abandon the attitudes and morals I had lived by all my life with so little regret. The here and now was much more important to me.

     I spun the bottle and it came to rest pointing at Nathaniel. He came eagerly to my embrace, his body trembling with desire. He kissed me like he wanted to devour me and I could feel how very happy he was to be there. His hands started moving restlessly up and down my spine causing me to shudder as well.

     Jean-Claude's voice broke into the haze I had fallen into. “Ma petite perhaps we should move this to the bedroom.”

     I looked up and caught the eyes of the others love and desire plain to see on their faces. The decision had been left to me and taking my courage in both hands I stood up. They quickly followed as I led the way to my bedroom. I found it a lot harder to make a decision with eyes wide open than with the fog of the ardeur clouding my senses.