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Created from: Mishap's Works

Chapter 2

The bedraggled wet kid that slunk out of the bathroom bore little resemblance to the cocky kid that tried once again to escape out the bathroom window only to find Zane waiting for him. “Where's my clothes at ya perverts.” He demanded.

     “In the trash where they belong.” Anita said not lifting her head from the paperwork she was studying. “Nathaniel has some clothes, clean clothes,” she emphasized. “for you. Go with him.”

     I motioned for Brad to follow me he grumbled all the way to the spare room that had been designated as his. I pointed to the clothes lying on the bed. “These should keep you until we can go shopping tomorrow for some clothes of your own.”

     He looked at me suspiciously and asked, “What do you want for them? I don't give blowjobs for anything, but cash.”

     I knew he wouldn't believe the truth. So I said. “I don't want to have to chase after you tonight so stay put. Okay?”

     Brad looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. “Yeah right.” He said, but I noticed him inching closer to the sweats and reaching out to touch the soft fabric.

     “Get dressed and come out to the kitchen. We ordered Chinese and it should be here anytime now.” I said.

     He came out to the kitchen wearing Anita's sweats and they were a bit big on him. Anita is only 5'3” and he was even smaller.

     “Grab a chair and eat.” Anita invited motioning towards the open cartons of Chinese food spread across the table.

     He sat down eyeing the four of us suspiciously. Then he proceeded to completely demolish everything he could get his hands on. Lycanthropes take a lot of feeding, but he put even Zane to shame. I don't know where he put it. We ended up just watching in amazement as he polished of the last of the fried rice and finally sat back with a sigh of contentment.

     Noticing that we were staring at him. He growled. “What's your problem?”

     “Not a thing.” Anita answered dryly. “Are you sure you got enough to eat?”

     “Yeah,” he snapped back. “if you didn't want me to eat you shoulda said something.”

     “Its been a while since I've seen my little brother and I've forgotten that teenagers can eat twice their own weight in food a day.” She smiled amused. “You're welcome to eat as much as you want. Nothing is off limits in the fridge.” She frowned. “Except my coffee. You are much too young to drink it.”

     “Fine.” He said. “I'm going to bed.” And with that he stomped off down the hall to his bedroom.

     Anita looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes. “When you decide to fall off the submissive wagon and become responsible you sure go whole hog.”

     I flushed and muttered. “This isn't quite what I was expecting either. And if I am going to keep up with him I'd better some sleep too.”

     “I've got to get to work myself.” She said checking the time on her watch. “I've got four zombie raisings tonight.” With that she swallowed the last of her coffee and disappeared out the door.

     Cherry had been quiet all night until now. “You know besides clothes, if he's been living on the street doing what he'd have to, to survive, he needs to see a doctor and get a check up. You ought to call Dr. Lillian in the morning.” She said the nurse in her coming to the fore.

     “Thanks Cherry I would never have thought of that.” Being a surrogate parent was going to be harder than I thought.


     I was waiting for him when he tried to run that night. I let him get a far as the road before I asked. “Don't you ever get tired of trying to run away?”

     “Shit.” Brad yelled jumping at least a foot in the air. “What the hell are you doing? Trying to give me a heart attack?”

     “Brad, I am a lycanthrope. Have you ever tried to sneak around a cat? I heard you as soon as you got out of bed.” I explained patiently. “One of the advantages of being a were leopard is that my hear sight and sense of smell are enhanced enormously. I also heal a lot faster than normal people.”

     “Well thanks a lot for telling me.” He grouched.

     “Be honest.” I asked. “Would you have believed me?”

     He announced. “I'm goin' back to bed.” And stalked off the perfect picture of wounded dignity. I had to smile life was certainly not going to be boring.


     I rousted Brad out of bed and dragged him to the mall complaining all the way. “I don't need no more clothes.”

     “You are going to need to wash the sweats sometime and they belong to Anita and you need clothes of your own.” I stated firmly ushering him into the Gap.

     I was surprised at the clothes he chose, Levi's 501's straight leg. He made his opinion on wide legged jeans abundantly clear. “Ain't no way I am wearing those ugly fucking jeans.” Plain colored t-shirts, a jean jacket and some sweats. He absolutely refused to even look at boxers or briefs stating succinctly. “You can buy `em, but there ain't no way in hell I'll wear them. We wandered over to the Footlocker and he picked out shoes while I bought socks. Our shopping finished we headed over to see Dr. Lillian.

     As we waited in an examining room for the doctor he argued, of course, trying to get out of it. “I don't need a doctor I am just fine. I feel great and I don't need no stinking doctor to tell me that.”

     “It doesn't matter you will see the doctor and that's final.” I stated firmly. I'd never met anyone who could argue more than Brad. I decided to try a little bribery. “If you cooperate and don't give Dr. Lillian a hard time we'll go out for lunch anywhere you want.” I offered.

     “Anywhere?” he questioned.

     “Anywhere.” I confirmed.

     “Fine then.” And with that he sat back and proceeded to with what passed for patience for him.

     I have to give him credit he did cooperate even when Dr. Lillian gave him a full physical and drew half a dozen tubes of blood. She pronounced him in fairly good health and recommended some vitamin supplements and a well balanced diet.

     I was surprised at his choice of restaurants. I had expected McDonald's or Burger King something like that, but he unerringly directed me to a small Thai restaurant stating that they had the best dumpster food he'd ever eaten and he'd always wanted to try it warm.

     I was a little sickened remembering my own time on the streets. Being hungry all the time and digging through the trash for something to eat. He was right though their food was utterly fantastic. I had never eaten Thai food before, but I knew that this wouldn't be the last time.

     On the way back home he asked me hesitantly. “Why are you treating me so good?”

     I thought for a moment how to phrase it. “I was on the street myself turning tricks to live. Not knowing where my next meal was coming from. I was a junkie. I guess that I just feel that I was lucky enough to make it out alive and this is going to sound stupid, but I feel like I owe somebody else a hand up.” I finished not knowing what else to say.

     “So I am just a charity case then?” he questioned.

     “Not really I took you because I owed Father George, but I kind of like having you around.” I had to smile. “You make life interesting.”

     “So you wanna do me then.” He stated with contempt.

     I sighed knowing he wouldn't believe me. “No, I don't want to `do you' I just think you are an interesting individual.

     His response was typically him. “Riiight.” With that he turned on the radio and sat back in his seat to ignore me.