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Created from: Mishap's Works

Chapter 3
Anita was up when we got home sitting at the table drinking coffee. She was dressed for work, but had her jacket off and her gun was very visible. Brad came to a dead halt in the kitchen door way and stared at the shoulder holster containing her Browning.

     She looked up and noticed the expression on his face and asked. “Is there a problem?”

     “Um…uh…why are you carrying a gun?” he blurted out looking more unnerved than I had ever seen him. “Are you a cop or something?”

     Anita smiled at him showing the charm she so rarely let's anyone see. “No I am the legal vampire executioner for the tri-state area.”

     “I know you.” He shouted practically jumping up and down in excitement. “You're the Executioner. That is so cool. I live with the baddest chick in town.”

     The smile on her face turned into a broad grin. “That's what they call me.” I think that this is the first time I have ever seen her enjoy any of the names the papers had given her.

     “I bet all the vampires are scared shitless of you.” Brad crowed. “I bet they piss their pants when they see you comin'.”

     Anita frowned at him and said. “First of all remember what I said about the mouth. Second vampires don't piss their pants. They can be very dangerous, more so when they are frightened. Don't ever mess with one and knowing me could put you in danger.”

     Shifting her attention from Brad to me she asked. “Don't you have to work tonight?”

     I looked at the time and yelped. “I'm late.” Then I ran to get my things together. I came back to the kitchen and Anita had left I hadn't seen Zane or Cherry so I guess I would have to take Brad with me.


     I rushed into Guilty pleasures towing Brad behind me. Unfortunately Jean-Claude was there and noticed me.

     “Nathaniel you are late is there a particular reason for it or did you just decide to start work at a later time? His accent became more pronounced when he was angry and I could feel what little self-confidence I had seeping away.

     “Nnno…I lost track of time and I'm really very sorry.” I said in a rush starting to tremble.

     Brad chose that moment to speak up. “Who the fuck is he? Why is he acting life such an asshole?” I felt my heart drop to the floor.

     Brad came out from behind me where he had been inadvertently hidden from Jean-Claude's sight. The look on Jean-Claude's face would have been comical if I hadn't been worried what he might do to the kid. To my utter shock he took one look threw back his head and laughed. “Mon dieu, this boy is brave he reminds me of ma petite.”

     I relaxed a bit. “Jean-Claude this is Brad he is staying with us and I forgot to make arrangements for him. I hope you don't mind if he stays in the dressing room while I work. He won't be a problem.” I promised.

     “Non, that won't do. This boy has trouble written all over him. I will personally make sure that he behaves Nathaniel you need to get to work.” He looked up and saw me hesitating and barked out. “Go.” I went I didn't have a lot of choice and I really couldn't see him harming a child, but I didn't think that Anita would approve of him as a baby sitter.

     I found myself very anxious about Brad being closeted with the master of the city. The night seemed to just drag on and on. I finished my last set and barely took the time to stuff my tips in my bag before I ran to the office to get him.

     Not being a fool I knocked on the door and Jean-Claude bid me enter. “I'm here to take Brad home. I hope he wasn't a bothe…” My words came to a crashing halt as I took in the sight of the normally impeccable Jean-Claude his shirt was half untucked and his hair was standing up all over the place. “What happened?” I questioned fearfully looking around and not seeing Brad I began to panic.

     Just then he popped up from behind the desk and said. “Hey Nathaniel why didn't you tell me vampires was this much fun?” With that he fired the pillow in his hand at Jean-Claude who caught it before it hit him in the back of the head.

     Jean-Claude laughed the first time I heard genuine amusement and it still caused shivers to run down my spine. “Knock it off man. I told you before that's creepy.” Brad scowled at him. He continued to smile wide enough to flash his fangs.

     “Mon petite ami does not approve of my laughter. He is even more like your Nimir-ra than I first thought.” He informed me. This much good mood from him was enough to make my hair stand on end it just wasn't natural.

     “I gotta get him home he's a kid and needs his sleep. I said for a lack of anything better to say. Gesturing towards the door I asked Brad if he was ready to go.

     “You are welcome to bring him back at any time.” Jean-Claude stated. “In fact I hope that you do.”

     I nodded nervously and backed out the door. I wanted out of there. I practically dragged Brad out to the car. He finally dug in his heels half way across the parking and refused to go another step. He yanked himself out of my grasp and asked me. “What's the matter with you? Why are you in such a hurry?”

     I said. “Keep walking and I will explain. I headed to the care with him following. “You have been playing with the most dangerous vampire in St. Louis. Jean-Claude is the master of the city and he never acts like that. I wanted to get out of there before he changed his mind and did whatever.” I finished hurriedly as I pulled out of the parking lot and headed home.

     “I know that.” Brad said impatiently. “Jean-Claude told me all about it. He's got the major hots for Anita and he said he would never damage one of hers and that I was one of hers.”

     I felt a little of my fear subside at his words. “He's still very dangerous and you should be careful not to antagonize him.”

     Brad snorted. “He likes me, besides he said he would teach me how to use a sword. I don't think he'd do that if he was gonna off me.”

     I sighed knowing I would never convince him now that he had made up his mind. The one thing about Brad that I was absolutely positive of was that he was every bit as stubborn as Anita.