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Created from: Mishap's Works

Chapter 6
Dr. Lillian had infected Brad with Lycanthropy using a serum made from my blood. He grinned when she gave him the shot asking if this made us blood brothers. All we had left to do was wait for the full moon.

     Brad started to have increased hearing and sense of smell within twenty-four hours and we knew that the serum had been successful even though it took two weeks for the virus to show up in his blood work and confirm it.

     Everyone who had met Brad wanted to be there for him during his first change so we decided to have it take place at the luapanar.

     I held Brad's hands as the moon rose and he began to feel it effects. I held onto my own humanity long enough to watch as he changed into a half grown leopard form. If a half grown leopard even got to be the size of a large dog. I quickly followed and we spent the night hunting together.


     I was waiting when Brad woke from his first night as a leopard. I watched as the realization that it had been successful. He jumped to his feet totally oblivious to the fact that he was stark naked and started jumping around like mad whooping and hollering. “It worked. Yes. Yes Yes.” He ran over to were I was standing and leapt into my arms and finally realized his state of undress. “Hey man where's my clothes.” He said backing up.

     I handed him the blanket I had waiting and said. “That's a problem sometimes. Its usually better to take your clothes off before you change. They don't survive the change.” I informed him grinning a little at his embarrassment.

     He had wrapped the blanket hastily around his body. He was trying to scowl, but his ebullience at making the change and removing the death sentence hanging over his head just wouldn't let him. “That was so cool Nathaniel. I don't remember a lot, but I remember running like the wind. It felt great.”

     I said. Let's get to the car and get you some clothes and we'll all go home and celebrate.” I wrapped my arm around his shoulders and guided him toward home.

The End